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Product details

Oval G▪Drop Cable 12F (1 x 12F)

Product category: aerial cables
Type: Oval G▪Drop Cable 12F (1 x 12F)
Conductor material: Optical fibre
Outer jacket material: PE
Nominal outer diameter: 4.8 x 8.3 mm
Approx. weight: 45 kg/km
Resistant to…: UV
Appplication: aerial
Delivery length: 4000 m
Construction: All-dielectric, jelly filled central loose tube. Up to 12F. Oval shape UV resistant black PE sheath. Two glass reinforced plastic (GRP) strength members longitudinally applied on opposite sides (180 degrees one from the other). Dry water-blocking materials and ripcords between loose tube and outer sheath.
Standard: IEC 60794; IEC 60793; IEEE 1222; ITU-T Rec. G.650; ITU-T Rec. G.652; ITU-T Rec. G.657
UV resistant
Minimum installation temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Application: Versatile Design. Can be installed outdoor in ducts, direct buried, on walls or aerial on poles. Highly crush-resistant. Can be pushed or pulled through ductS. Small cross-section and high strength provide good aerial performance.

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