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Product details

Micro Flextube cable 48F (4 x 12F)

Product category: duct cables
Type: Micro Flextube cable 48F (4 x 12F)
Conductor material: Optical fibre
Outer jacket material: PE
Nominal outer diameter: 6.0 mm
Approx. weight: 25 kg/km
Resistant to…: UV
Appplication: duct
Delivery length: 4000 m
Construction: Thin skin Flextube housing the BedBright fibres. Water tightness with dry elements. Dielectric reinforcement. Radial dielectric strength members. PE black outersheath.
Standard: IEC 60794; IEC 60793; ITU-T Rec. G.650; ITU-T Rec. G.652; ITU-T Rec. G.657
UV resistant
Minimum installation temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Application: Installation in ducts and microducts. BendBrightXS fibre provides the lowest attenuation at 1625nm after installation and splicing with miniaturized equipment. The Flextube design provides easier storage and faster installation. Finger access to the fibres: no specific tool needed to open the Flextube.

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