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Product details

Riser Flextube cable Bend BrightXS 48F (4 x 12F)

Product category: indoor cables
Type: Riser Flextube cable Bend BrightXS 48F (4 x 12F)
Conductor material: Optical fibre
Outer jacket material: HFFR
Nominal outer diameter: 7.6 mm
Approx. weight: 45 kg/km
Appplication: indoor
Delivery length: 4000 m
Construction: Micromodule Flextube housing the BendBrightXS fibres. Micro-modules assembly. Peripheral strength elements. Outer Sheath: HFFR. Ivory.
Standard: IEC 60794; IEC 60793; IEC 60332-1; IEC 61034; IEC 60754; ITU-T Rec. G.650; ITU-T Rec. G.657
Minimum installation temperature: -10°C to +70°C
Application: Indoor installation. Vertical riser cables based on BendBrightXS bundled fibre for in-building distribution network. Installation in ducts, in buildings on cable trays, in corridors or in shafts. Easy access to modules and fibres for traditional mid-span splicing. The use of the BendBrightXS offers significant added value to the network installers. Bend radii in fibre guidance ports can be reduced as well as minimum bend radii in wall and corner mountings. As the fibre is very forgiving for inst

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